In May's eyes, I'm no different from a can of pineapple.


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Something’s gotta change
Sounds of laughter and happiness turn my teardrops to rain
Been bearing this burden for too many of my days
Looks like breezes of autumn done finally moved my way
Like memories of yesterday…

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So I just watched the UK Office finale and I already know this song is going to make me cry forever.

When I watched the UK Office finale all I could think was “hey it’s a different version of the song that ended Fallen Angels" because yeah.

Thanks for the pics, Ryan.

Holy fuck that Jamba Juice looks bigger than me.


Life Before Photoshop -1950

Bruce Mozert was renowned for being pretty innovative, coming up with underwater tricks to make these scenes seem as real as possible including using baking powder to create the powdery “smoke” coming out of the underwater barbecue. 

I swear, the same couple standing in front of me at the Panda Bear concert were standing by me at the Animal Collective concert last year.

IU - Modern Times

This is a mainstream pop song about meeting Charlie Chaplin. That’s just awesome in and of itself, but I love the ragtime-feel of the song as well. IU clashes with the backing vocals during the chorus just a tiny bit, but she’s still one of my favorite vocalists of any genre right now.